Setup a High Content Screening Imaging Platform with Label Studio

For a few years now I have been on a quest to find a tool I really like for annotating HCS images using a web interface. I've used several tools, including a desktop application called LabelImg, and I have finally found a tool that checks all the boxes called LabelStudio!

Label Studio is an annotation tool for images, audio, and text. Here we'll be concentrating on images as our medium of choice.

I go through the process in this video.


Grab the data

You can, of course, use your own data, but for this tutorial I will be using a publically available C. elegans dataset from the Broad BioImage Benchmark Collection.

mkdir data cd data wget unzip

HCS images are often very dark when opened in a system viewer. To use them for the rest of the pipeline we will have to do a two step conversion process, first using bftools to convert from tif -> png, and then using Imagmagick to do a levels...

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