Configurable Deployment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an extremely configurable and scalable infrastructure. You can configure database deployments, Kubernetes clusters, Dash, RShiny, or javascript applications all at the click of a button.

Scientific software infrastructure gets very complex, very fast. Your application may include databases, Dask or Spark clusters.

RShiny or Dash Deployment on Kubernetes

Several frameworks, such as RShiny and Dash offer enterprise hosting and deployment. Their solutions may be too expensive, or not offer the level of flexibility you need.

What you Get

We will go over your requirements, including databases, Spark/Dask Clusters, filesystems, etc, to fit your needs, either email or over a Zoom call. 

Once the requirements are set these will be coded into a Terraform Recipe, along with scripts for building, deploying, and testing your application's ecosystem that can be uploaded to any CI/CD platform of your choosing (CircleCI, AWS CodeCommit, Travis, etc). 

All the code and configuration you receive is completely, 100% yours and without any intellectual property. Each deployment comes with a 1 month support contract for tweaking parameters and keeping up with API changes.

Prefer to DIY?

That's totally fine. ;-) I have several guides to get you started, including:


 Next Steps

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