Deploy a Full Stack Web Application with Docker and Traefik

docker python traefik Feb 05, 2019


Have you ever had to deploy a full stack web application? With different services, some mapping to different ports, some static html, maybe a couple databases thrown in there? Have you ever banged your head against your desk trying to figure out how to expose different ports on a remote server, or through a cloud platform?

If you have, you understand

I'm going to go over how I deploy such an application, with nice path names instead of annoying port numbers, using traefik and docker. I'm not going to go into the specific code so much, but I may go crazy and do that at a later time. This setup makes it much easier to deploy your application to cloud platforms that don't expose ports besides 80 by default, because you don't need any other ports!

Get the Code

Like I said, I'm not going to go so much into the code itself, this post is all about Traefik, but it's all here on github. 

The final website, deployed to AWS, is here.


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