Free for Students

All my content is free for students, unemployed, those affected by covid, and pretty much anyone who can't throw something on a company credit card. If any of these applies to you, please just reach out to me at [email protected] with the materials you'd like to have.


Bioinformatics Solutions on AWS EBook (PDF)

Learn about different services on AWS and how they can benefit your Bioinformatics Startup.


Bioinformatics Workflow Management with Apache Airflow

Coming soon

Learn to manage and scale your cloud native Bioinformatics analyses with Apache Airflow. 


Getting Started on HPC For Bioinformaticians

Coming Soon

Learn how to develop your Bioinformatics analyses for HPC.


Project Templates

Deploy Kubernetes on AWS with AWS EKS and Terraform Project Template

The Kubernetes on AWS Project template gets you up and running with a fully functional cluster. Logging and monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana are installed, and once you run terraform apply you are ready to install Helm charts!


Deploy RShiny with Docker and Helm Project Template - Docs + Code

This is a fully formed and ready for production project template. Included is extensive technical documentation, Dockerfiles for creating custom images with either Miniconda or the base R rocker/shiny image, a base helm chart with the NGINX ingress, and and a helm chart with the NGINX ingress and an AWS EFS (networked storage) example configuration.


Apache Airflow Project Template

Build custom docker images, bring up your stack with one command, add plugins and custom REST APIs, and deploy to Kubernetes.



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