Bioinformatics Infrastructure Consulting on AWS

Design and implementation of elastic computing on for bioinformatics and genomics on Amazon Web Services, including: HPC clusters, R and Python Application Deployment, and customized servers for demultiplexing, RNASeq, Single Cell and Variant Detection.


Bioinformatics Infrastructure Services

Deploy all the things!

HPC Clusters

Deploy an elastic HPC Cluster for genomics, with compute nodes that automatically scale up and down.

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Bioinformatics Servers

Customize a bioinformatics server with FTP, SFTP, RStudio instances for single cell, install a particular set of software by analysis type or any combination of these.

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R and Python Application Deployment

Deploy a Python or R Application, whether you are looking at performance or scale.

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Technical Writing Services

Get other devs to deploy all the things!

Blog Posts

Get the word out about your awesome software through a series of blog posts.

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Technical Documentation

Document various deployment scenarios, API documentation, or framework extension.

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Flexible Plans

Have the work done for you, hassle free, or work on a collaborative basis.

About Me

I have worked in Bioinformatics for nearly 10 years managing software installations, setting up servers, and building clusters.

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