How To Become a Freelance Software or DevOps Engineer

career freelance Nov 18, 2019

Your first steps

Getting started freelancing is one of those things you can google for the rest of your life and it will just leave your head spinning. I know this because I've been working towards being my very own Jillian Inc for the last 6 months or so. Here are a few straightforward tasks you can set for yourself in order to get started.

Register a Business

I got a lot of mostly wishy washy advice on this. There are people out there that say if you're not making much just don't bother. That may be a fair enough point, but I would say if you truly want to pursue freelancing, even on a moonlighting basis, to just register a business.

First of all, you can expense stuff to your business (legit business expenses only!) and it will probably save you the cost of registering the business. It will also make your taxes a lot more straightforward. Being a software engineer who likes open source this felt a bit too beaurocratic for me, but seriously, just do it.

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