Launch Your First AWS EC2 Instance

aws Jul 05, 2019

I'm loving creating videos, and so here is a 3 part series on getting started with AWS and EC2 Instances. Once you understand launching an EC2 instance absolutely every other part of AWS is going to make so much more sense. Behind the scenes we are all always just spinning up servers, installing all the things, and getting our stuff done. As always AWS has excellent documentation and I really encourage you to check it out!

Learning about deployment is an excellent strategy for so many reasons. Probably number one there is not having to wait around for people like me to have their acts together. 

Not only that, there are just so many cool things that are possible with all the neat new deployment strategies and distributed computing libraries out there. It used to be that software engineers would need to put in a HUGE amount of time and effort in order to really optimize for speed.

These days the barrier to getting your application running fast is just so much lower. You can spin up entire Dask and Spark clusters with the click of a button. You can build your applications with Docker and deploy them absolutely anywhere. It's an exciting time to be in tech!

Part 1 - Introduction and IAM User Creation

In Part 1 I take you through a quick introduction to AWS and creating an IAM User. Check it out below or by ‚Äčclicking here.



Part 2 - Launch your AWS EC2 Instance

Here is Part 2 where you get to Launch your EC2 instance over here.


Part 3 - Access your AWS EC2 Instance

Now that you are up and running you need to SSH on over to your EC2 instance and configure your security groups to access a web server. Here is the video.


Wrap Up

That's it! I hope you see just how easy it is to get started, and you take all this knowledge and apply it to your own projects.