Package your RShiny App with Docker and Deploy with Helm

This project template is production ready and documented with example Dockerfiles, a Helm Chart with the NGINX Ingress.

It comes complete with documentation for building and pushing your docker image and deploying to any Kubernetes cluster with a preconfigured Helm chart.

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Build a Custom Docker Image Based on Miniconda

For my heavy consumers of data science packages, here is a way to build out your RShiny App with the awesomeness of the Conda package manager. 

Use the Rocker Shiny Image

You can also customize the Rocker/Shiny, or the community RShiny image. It comes complete with a Node.js server for routing, and all you need to do is install your R packages and drop them into a folder.

Helm Chart

Once you have your RShiny App packaged with Docker you only need to deploy the helm chart with the --set and image.tag to your values. 

The chart already comes configured with the NGINX ingress for pretty URLs and load balancing.