Package your Kubernetes Cluster on AWS with AWS EKS and Terraform

This project template is production ready and documented with example Dockerfiles to include all necessary CLI tools and a fully configurable EKS cluster recipe.

The recipes themselves are contained in terraform modules, meaning you can reuse them for different projects, labs, or development environments. 

There is very little custom coding. Each recipe uses official modules from Terraform for AWS.

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All CLI Tools Included

You don't need to install anything but Docker and have your AWS IAM credentials ready to get started. Included is a docker image with Terraform, AWS CLI, Helm, Kubectl, and the authenticators needed for AWS.

Monitoring Dashboards

This project templates includes Prometheus and Grafana for logging and monitoring. I personally install this on all my Kubernetes clusters for monitoring.

Details Taken Care of

Just run terraform apply and you'll have your Kubernetes cluster up and ready with monitoring and the kubectl config already configured for you!