Deploy RShiny on AWS

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The Deploy RShiny on AWS Guide walks you through:


  • Packaging your RShiny Application with Docker by building a custom docker image with Miniconda. Using Miniconda is especially useful if you need to integrate with other scientific software!
  • Alternately, the guide will walk you through packaging your RShiny application up with the default Rocker/Shiny image, with RShiny already installed and ready to go.
  • Once you have your application packaged with Docker you can deploy to Lightsail, EC2, or Kubernetes.
  • Included in the guide is how to automatically deploy a Kubernetes Cluster with your data visualization app using Terraform and Helm.

All Open Source

All the code and examples included in the guide are completely open source. Each deployment scenario includes all the code! Code examples include:


  1. A sample RShiny app
  2. Docker build files for custom builds with Miniconda and the default RShiny docker image
  3. Terraform infrastructure as code recipes for autodeploying Kubernetes clusters
  4. A chart recipe to deploy your RShiny App on any Kubernetes Cluster

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