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If you're not sure where to start I offer free 30 minute strategy sessions. 

We'll go over your challenges, and I will help to point you towards helpful resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

I offer free 30 minute strategy sessions as a way to get to know people, and to help point them towards resources that may be helpful.


Commonly, this has included giving demonstrations of HPC, Jupyterhub clusters, any of the labs available in my store, or other data science infrastructure I have available. 

It also includes brainstorming on ways to solve problems. If I know of any public resources or open-source software that are available to help you with your problems or studies I will point those out to you free of charge. 

A free strategy session is 30 minutes long. I will point you towards any resources I think will be helpful and let you know why I think they would be helpful, and that is where my typing ends.


A paid strategy session is 1 hour, for people who are further along, and afterward you will one of several things from me.


  • A roadmap with your next steps
  • A flow chart on how to split and optimize your analysis for an HPC scheduler, Airflow, etc.
  • Depending on the analysis complexity and length I will also sometimes bootstrap the analysis itself, creating DAG and plugin templates using Apache Airflow. This option is most helpful for teams that have a high degree of in house scientific knowledge on their analysis, but maybe less strong on the computational side of running the analysis.

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