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Docker for Python and Data Science Course and Resource Library

Are you a software engineer, data scientists, or machine learning engineer looking to add a new skill set? Or maybe you just desperately need to get your application deployed? 

Either way, I have you covered. ;-)

Check out what's available in the course.

Docker Foundations

  1. What is Docker?
  2. Why should you use Docker
  3. Where to find ready made Docker Images
  4. The Dockerfile
  5. Build a custom docker image
  6. Run an interactive shell
  7. And more!

Leveraging Docker Compose

  1. Dockerfile to Docker Compose Mapping
  2. Getting started with docker compose
  3. Bring up an interactive shell with Docker Compose
  4. Add an image from DockerHub to your Docker Compose services
  5. Logging in docker compose
  6. Getting your services to talk to one another - Python + MySQL Example
  7. Get your services to talk to one another - Python + MongoDB Example
  8. Upload an image from Docker Compose

Docker Swarm

  1. Docker Swarm Intro
  2. Create a Docker Swarm Cluster from Scratch
  3. Deploy a stack with Nginx and HaProxy
  4. Deploy a minimal Flask Application
  5. Deploy a Celery Job Queue with Traefik and Swarm
  6. Use Portainer to Uplevel your Awesomeness!

Deploy your Docker Apps with Kubernetes

  1. Kubernetes Hello World
  2. Kompose your NGINX service
  3. Deploy your Flask App with Kubernetes using kompose and kubectl
  4. Make your URLs pretty with an Ingress