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Deploy RShiny with Docker and Helm Project Template

Deploy your RShiny Apps locally, on a remote server, on Kubernetes and/or on AWS with less pain!

What you'll get:

  • Deploy RShiny with the default Rocker/Shiny image or using Miniconda as a base. Dockerfiles are included for each case along with docs.
  • Example code to upload your images to Dockerhub, Quay.io and AWS ECR.
  • A default RShiny helm chart with the NGINX Ingress (fancy URLs) for deployment with Kubernetes
  • RShiny Helm chart with NGINX Ingress and AWS EFS (networked filed storage) to create a truly integrated data visualization infrastructure. Or just display large data files I don't know.
  • Technical document on all example code written in Markdown and presented with the Hugo static site generator. 

Everything is included with the project, included source code for generating the technical documentation. 

I can't promise you zero pain, but I can tell you that starting off with a project template will make your life MUCH easier. Additionally, the documentation included will save you oodles of hours creating your own internal documentation. 

All project templates are completely free of restrictions, copyright, or intellectual properties. Once you've purchased you are free to customize as you wish. No additional acknowledgement or attribution is required. 

Thanks for considering my project templates! I hope these help you along with your DevOps projects. All purchases ensure that I can continue to create quality free educational content. If you are only interested in the free stuff feel free to check out my blog. ;-)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at jillian@dabbleofdevops.com