Manage Your Bioinformatics Software Stacks with Bioconda and EasyBuild

Bioinformatics software is notoriously complex and difficult to both install and manage. Groups like BioConda and EasyBuild have made the process much easier, but it is still a very specialized area that you may not have the time or the bandwidth to take on.

I offer two solutions to Bioinformatics Software Installation and management.


With either solution you get access to me through Slack, as well as access to a knowledge base of articles and solutions that I have created over time by working with many bioinformatics groups.

Each solution is priced in tiers of software installations, 1-10, 11-20, etc. This allows you to choose any number of demultiplexing, quality control, read trimmers, or aligners to keep your operations running smoothly. Software can be installed either as conda environments, or as modules.

Work with Your Team

I can work with your team in order to facilitate the process of installing and managing software. This gives you access to my years of experience in installing and managing software, while saving on costs and upleveling your own team.

Hassle Free Installation

If you prefer to focus on other work I will fully manage the installation of necessary software.

Pricing Options

Get your bioinformatics server setup with no hassle. Each package includes 1 month of support over email or Slack.

Base Server Setup


One time payment

The perfect solution for smaller teams or teams on a budget.

Server setup with base frameworks (Lmod, Easybuild) for bioinformatics software installations.

1 Software Module of your choosing (samtools, bamtools, Seurat, Monocle, bcl2fastq, CellRanger, etc)

Documentation so your team and users can continue to deploy modules without my help.

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Base Server Setup + 10 Software Modules


One time Payment

Includes everything in the base server setup.

+ 10 additional software modules 

Metamodules, or modules that call groups of modules. For example, create a variant detection module that calls bwa, samtools and GATK.


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One time payment

Includes everything in the base server setup.

+ 20 additional software modules 

Metamodules, or modules that call groups of modules. For example, create a single cell module that calls seurat and monocle.

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Bioinformatics Servers are like snowflakes

Each one is unique! 


If you have any questions or require a custom plan, please get in touch!


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